Master Mike McGrail

Master Michael McGrail started his Mui Faa training at Age 17 in 1984 he trained in Durham city U.K club twice per week for the first year  then also as well as club training he trained twice per week in one to one lessons with his Sifu Master  Matt to  then being invited and becoming  a priviate closed door student of his sifu Master Matt Chapplow Michael then Steped his training up to 6 days per week over many years to beome thr Mui faa first ever  Black Sash instructor then taking him on to complete the FULL Ip Man system to attain his Master Grade by skilled demonstration of  not only skilled open free combat with emptyhand one on one and multiple attack of  6 opponeants but also weapons.

Michael met his wife who is also a student of Mui Faa and Left Durham to concentrate on his career were he has worked and taught Mui Faa all over the world and now lives in the U.S.A and is G.M Matts Mui Faa representative for the whole of America.