Master Matthew Chapplow

Master Chapplow started his training martial arts in 1970 age 14 in Judo and Shotokan karate .At age 16 Master Chaplow discovered Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing. He studied Lau Gar kick boxing but as a traditionalist from an early age he was more into study and application of Form and learnt 9 hand forms and 7 weapons which he studied over many years both as student and instructor of Lau.

Master Chaplow then looked for a martial art to last a lifetime in youth and old age even disability that would remain highly effective and flexible enough  to adapt  to individual physical capability , All these attributes  he found in the Wing Chun style. Master Chaplow reached senior instructor level in 1984 at the highest Black Sash level and was recognised as Master of the Wing Chun style in 2013 by the worldwide Martial Arts Council and in 2014 awarded his Master of Ip Man Wing Chun by his Sifu of 30 years Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Although Master Chaplow’s main teachings are of Ip Man Wing Chun he has studied other lineages of the style to gain an open and full understanding of Wing Chun not only in fitness based bio mechanical energy but also a deep understanding of internal energy through the three treasures used in ancient Chinese medicine of jing mind for knowledge and focus etc. Shen for heart and soul control and use of extremely powerful emotions and Qi the pool of elixir internal energy, when all three come together this makes very fast flexible deep penetrating explosive energy source. Hence the reason to not just study in one lineage but many as all have great knowledge and skill all of which are taught and passed on in Master Chaplow organisation Mui Faa Ga academy.