Black Phoenix

After firmly establishing Mui Faa  Ip Man Wing Chun in the Northeast of England with some 7 clubs teaching strictly traditional Ip Man Wing Chun.

Black phoenix

Master Matt  then in 1988 set up the Black Phoenix Martial Arts Association with the same aim of Mui Faa tradional teachings but also:

  1. to allow Syllabus of Mui Faa wing chun to be taght also for full contact competion.
  2. to bring a M.M.A element, with Mui Faa Wing Chun principles at its core for speed effectiveness and explosive power.
  3. to allow all those who may be disillusioned with there current training  and want to progress free from politics and control.
  4. Where current instructors of an style can come and learn Mui Faa along with there own style and continue teaching under there own banner as a associate member of Black Phoenix Martial Arts Association.

Black phoenix

Black Phoenix is open to all and part of the Mui Faa Ga / Family with the same principles of family. Where we all positively  train together and helping each other to reach our goals in a class environment free from politics, predudice and negativity as they are not to be tolerated and have no part in Mui Faa Martial Art.

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