What Mui Faa can teach you

Fitness both civilian and forces boot camp.

Combat from Self-defence and sport competition fighting to traditional no rules combat including weapons.

Meditation & Qigong

Wellbeing through training of the 3 Treasures Jing/Mind Qi/Body and Shen /Soul the three when used together develop immense internal energy especially useful to those of small stature and not highly fitness driven and the infirm.

Mui Faa Three Treasures training of Jing / Mind, Qi / Body and Shen / Spirit

Jing /Mind the training of pinpoint focus of one mind the elimination of all distractive thought and awareness of those and what is happening around you but with the addition of Shen / in a totally calm way .
Shen: the control of all emotion both positive and negative through the heart/ soul using heightened both positive, calmness, peace, love, humility and negative emotion of fear and flight anger controlling using them to enhance speed and when joined with Jing spatial awareness( 6th sense). To continue when others would give up, all emotions controlled brought into balance developing highly driven but focused energy.

Qi or pool of elixir is a point just below the navel were internal life force is stored and gathered. The control of air with the use of training methods developed over thousands of years you train to channel qi energy to all parts of the body. This helps to protect, heal but also in our case when mixed with Jing/Shen become a very explosive energy in attack and defence with use of very little physical effort. This internal force or method can be used to overcome an opponent of much greater strength and size when put in positions in which body mechanics are unable to function i.e. total structure disruption or even destruction.

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