What is Mui Faa Wing Chun

WHAT is Mui Faa Wing Chun

The Mui Faa academy teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu to an excellent standard. Teaching efficient skills and opponent weaknesses, our approach is practical and realistic for anyone to learn, regardless of gender or age.

Students begin by learning the fundamental hand form of the Wing Chun system Siu lim tao or little idea form. The form is the ideal intro to the system as it introduces basic hand techniques. However it also contains very important principles, body conditioning and first element of internal energy generation which students are encouraged to learn and apply.

As the student progresses they are taught the two progressive hand forms each encompassing new hand techniques but more importantly the new principles which build on the foundations of the first form. Additionally students apply their technique utilising sparring, and in pairs train a reflex and energy application training tool called chi sau or sticky hands. Chi sau is great for improving fighting reflexes but also great fun.

Other training tools include the use of the wooden dummy, a highly effective aid which refines a student’s focus of energy, position, stance work, angular attack / defence and allows application of fighting technique.

By learning how and why to apply specific techniques and energy a student is trained how defend themselves, but also has the knowledge to pass on and grow the system to future generations.

MUI Faa wing  chun was formed  in1984 in Durham City U.K .Teaching origonal Samuel Kwok Ip Man Wing Chun as taught then by Grandmaster Kwok at the birth of U.K Ip Man Wing Chun of the late 1970s and early 1980s and taught during Great Grandmaster Ip Chun first visits to the U.K and our Mui Faa Clubs in County Durnham.

Today while all others have moved on from the original teachings in  this Birth of U K Wing Chun which was taught in full as in Master Matts own expeariance as one of the First of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok  students  inhouse/closed door instruction to a none chinese in the U.K!

Mui Faa Ip Man Wing Chun under Master Matthew Chapplow is still to this day taught to all in its full and orginal form, along with his many years of development and study not only in Ip Man but also  of other Wing Chun Lineges inclueding acuppresure poison hand (vital Point.It is  his beleaf one dose not dispose of  old skills when learning new ones, rather you should always add to your Skillset and Grow with it  making the style much more flexable and stronger  adding to a deep foundation in Ip Man Wing Chun, teaching with complete openess and  Full content even to containing  original closed door teachings which are open to all within the  Mui Faa Ga/Family.

Our  Sylabus is full and  comprehensive! but as  no sylabus  can  contain all the vast tecniques and skills within Ip Man Wing Chun  Master Matt promotes the sylabus only as a guideline to be greatly expanded upon by all Mui Faa Instructors ,to enable and enpower every Mui Faa Student to reach there   full Potential not just now but with greater  Knowledge enableing to enpower them to consistantly train and improve everyday in there Mui Faa fucture.

Every Sunday Master Matt holds a 3 hour instructor collage and Master Class for those wishing to train at a much higher level even  to attain instructor Level. Learning  Form ,concepts and skills also control and use of  internal energies normaly emmited from origonal  clubs training.

Mui Faa utilises  the concepts of the Wing Chun Style as an effective Style for all no matter of gender ,age  and disability also in illness recovery With the Ancient ThreecTreasures  these are  Jing Qi Shen the chinese medical and internal energies.

MUI Faa not only train the body to a high fittness level but also throungh meditation the Jing  Mind and Shen sprit/Heart Shen as one can be the fittest but how many times dose one hear.

He did not win because his Mind was not on it.
He did not win because his heart was not in it.

Mui Faa is fun and effective and all are welcome to visit us

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