About Matthew Chapplow

Master Chapplow was born in 1954 a short in stature youth growing up who at the age of 12 living in a very unforgiving intolerant mineing village of the North East of England. Master Chapplow developed out of nessecity a passion for Martial Art and self defence.

Firstly Judo then Karate as in those days pre Bruce Lee, Kung Fu was not generally heard of or known at that time. Age 16 Master Chapplow saw an advert in the local newspaper for kung fu and was an origonal Northern member of the British Kung Fu association and Lau Gar kung Fu were he developed a great skill in the perfection and understanding of Form, s both emptyhand and weapons . The combat training very much concentraited on sport chinese kickboxing. As Master Chapplow is more interested in the traditional side of Lau Gar in particular the forms he developed his combat style around the 5 animal 5 eliment forms, Trainining 3 times per week Master Chapplow progressed to the point he was teaching Lau Gar all over the North of England and Scotland.

After 13 years study of Lau Gar , Master Chapplow wanted a style to last, effective and grow stronger with old age not deminish as with fittness based external styles.

He then spent 2 years researching various styles studying Aikido,Praying Mantis and White Crane ect. He then found the style of Ip Man Wing Chun as an inhouse/ closed door student of Grandmaster Samuael Kwok, traveling the 320 mile round trip from his home in Durham to Blackpool every weekend for lessons lasting 4hrs minimum to 6 hours each day of intensive training under his Sifu Grandmaster Kwok.

Master Chapplow loved Wing Chun’s simplicity ,concepts and the development of high level Skills, I. E in the use of an opponents force which is used against and turned back on them, also that size And strength did not matter mostly the adaptability of the wing chun style.

In 1984 after attaining 4th degree Black Sash Instructor Grade also lifetime coaching award, he openened the first Mui Faa club in Durham City teaching original Samuel Kwok Ip Man Wing Chun were also Great Grandmaster Ip Chun frequently came to teach when ever he was visiting the U.K and at one of his seminars offered to personally teach Master Chaplow as to become one of his students.

After many years Master Chapplow took time out leaving Mui Faa in the hands of a fellow Instructor he travel to China to study other Wing Chun Lineages other than Ip Man Wing Chun gaining a truly full knowlege of Wing Chun as a complete Style . He traveled to Foshan and Bejing .While in Bejing he met a exponeant of a Snake Wing Chun Family Style also five Animal five Eliment and Qigong wing chun versions.

Master Chaplow trained in America and Germany looking at Great Grandmaster Leung Ting, s Wing Chun and many more in fact every were he found the style he trained taught and learn, t. Finealy he settled in Spain for 6 years teaching a small group of closed door students. In 2004 he returned to the U.K and decided on teaching a small group of dedicated students in the South West of England. In 2013 he was awarded Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu by the Worldwide Martial Arts Council and in 2014 he was awarded Master of Ip Man Wing Chun By his Sifu Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. In 2015 Master Chaplow was made a Master Ambassador of the Okuden Circle.

Master Matthew Chaplow does not teach for a living, therefore is able to teach selected students of Wing Chun in its entirity.

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