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Mui Faa Wing Chun Academy

Mui Faa Ip Man Wing Chun is a traditional and practical self-defence system for men, women and children alike. Without using physical size and strength, we teach you to overcome opponents with fast and explosive energy when striking.

By learning with us you will to greatly improve your focus, concentration, confidence and life balance while making loyal friends and challenging yourself and having fun.

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Our Testimonials

Sifu Matt has been firstly a friend and shoulder to lean on through dark times. His indomitable spirit is an inspiration and that spirit comes through in his Mui Faa Plum Blossom Wing Chun. His teachings metaphorically carry a way of thinking that has helped me in all aspects of life. Putting metaphors aside, what first struck me about him was the detail and content of his wing chun. It sneaks up on you as you think he is teaching you something basic for a beginner, and then suddenly you realise he just showed you the point of something that everyone you have ever met has completely missed. The forms are, compared to what I already know, simpler and straight forward but then full of details that over the last three decades have been watered down by many lineages.

Sifu Matt makes ‘traditional’ feel valuable again but more importantly he makes his students feel valuable again. A true Sifu and Master.

— Simon Wilson